Nathan Gilmore was the founder and first owner of Glen Alpine Springs. He discovered Fallen Leaf Lake and Glen Alpine Springs in 1863 and filed a deed for 10,000 acres in 1871. He bottled and sold the soda spring water in Northern Nevada and San Francisco. He also sold Angora wool from his Angora sheep. During his life he hosted honored guests such as John Muir in 1890 and 1892 and singer Helena Modjeska in 1885.


Jennie Gray was a sister-in-law of Nathan Gilmore. She purchased Glen Alpine Springs in 1884 and managed the resort with family after Nathan Gilmore's passing in 1898. Photographer Arthur Kinney visited Glen alpine Springs in the summers of 1905 and 1907. His work greatly contributed towards capturing the history of Glen Alpine Springs.


Edward Gray Galt was a businessman and nephew of Jennie Gray. He designed the Glen Alpine logo that is still used today. Edward hosted the famous architect Bernard Maybeck at Glen Alpine Springs and they became good friends. Bernard Maybeck designed six buildings that were built on the property between 1921 and 1927.


Mary Garcia and her family managed the 16 room hotel and campground at Glen Alpine Springs. She was widowed in 1947, but continued to manage the resort with her two sons. The old hotel burnt down in 1960 and the Garcia family sold Glen Alpine Springs in 1966. Mary lived a long life and passed away in 2004 at the age of 102.


Glen Alpine Springs was sold to Glen Alpine Holding Corporation in 1966 with the intent to rebuild and expand the resort. Plans that had been initiated by the holding company never took place and the resort was mostly abandoned until 1978.


Robert Fritschi purchased Glen Alpine Springs in 1978 after it had been neglected by the holding company. He was very dedicated to his ownership of Glen Alpine as he improved and maintained  the property and preserved the history. He sold his portion of the property that was co-owned with the forestry service to forestry in 1987. The property is now on an indefinite lease back to Glen Alpine Springs from the Forestry Service. Glen Alpine Springs was granted nonprofit status in 1987. Robert remained president of 'The Historical Preservation of Glen Alpine Springs' until his passing in 2022.


The 'Historical Preservation of Glen Alpine Springs' is managed by its board of directors. Glen Alpine Springs remains operational through donations of volunteer time and monetary donations from supporters.